Did You Miss Our “App-y Hour” Today?

It was quite the party!   We’ll have one again soon…  watch for the invite! (Okay, it’s really a class flyer but go with the theme…!)

Agents brought their iPads & tablets today to learn about apps that ranged from real estate programs to ones that can help them make their daily life easier.

In addition to a short class on some iPad/Tablet basics, some of the agents shared their favorite apps and how they use them.

We had agents who have been using their devices for years to some who basically took it out of the box and brought it to class.  Eveyone, including the instructors, walked away with something new in their arsenal of tools!

Here’s a recap of what we covered today…

  • Forms Online mobile app and saving the icon to your desktop
  • Dropbox and other options for “cloud” storage
  • Sign My Pad Pro & DocuSign Ink for obtaining signatures
  • Keynote for doing listing presentations on the device
  • BizXpensTracker for keeping mileage and expense records
  • Facetime & Skype for video chatting
  • Magic Plan for measuring rooms & creating footprints using the camera
  • Photosynth for panaoramic photos
  • Level (yep, a digital level)
  • Quickvoice Recorder for recorded notes and reminders
  • Notes for use as a digital nootbook
  • Evernote which is an awesome all-around data storage/note-taking option
  • Googlemaps and Waze
  • Gas Cubby, Gas Buddy & Poynt
  • MSecure for keeping passwords and private information safe & sound
  • Yelp & Urban Spoon
  • Compass for determining which direction a house faces
  • MagLight for those who can’t see so well or reading menus in the dark at fancy restaurants 🙂
  • Key Ring which is a digital storage app for all your store discount & loyalty cards

Training tip for iPad users Do you frequently visit websites and hate having to enter the address in Safari or search for them each time?  You can create an icon that will open the page for you and put it on your Home Screen. Here’s how:

  • Open Safari and locate website page for which you want to create an icon
  • Click the icon immediately to the left ofthe adress bar (box w/arrow coming from it)
  • Select Add to Home Screen
  • Type in program/site name as you want it to appear with icon
  • Click Add